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Cremation Services

If your family has chosen cremation, we offer affordable services that help celebrate the life of your loved one while giving you several options for a public gathering, and a final resting place.

Traditional Funeral Service followed by Cremation

Many families find meaning and beauty in a traditional funeral service. With a traditional service combined with cremation, you can still choose to have a final viewing, visitation or wake, and a funeral service. However instead of in-ground burial, the funeral will be followed by cremation. Depending on your wishes, the cremated remains may be either returned to your family for storage in an urn, scattered, or interred in a columbarium. This option will include fees for the funeral services as well as the fees associated with the cremation itself.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is, essentially, a funeral service without the body of the deceased present. The cremation usually takes place a day or two following the death, and the memorial service takes place sometime after – in some cases, weeks or months after the death.

An urn holding the cremated remains may be present at the service, held at a funeral home, a church, or any place that is meaningful, such as a park.

The final disposition of the remains would typically take place after the service, which might include taking the urn home, burying the urn at a cemetery, placing the urn in a cremation niche or scattering the cremated remains somewhere meaningful.

Simple Cremation

A direct cremation is one that does not include a funeral or memorial service. The cremated remains are returned the family where they may choose to place them in a decorative urn or scatter the cremated remains.

Permanent Memorialization

After the cremation, families will choose what to do with the cremated remains of their loved one.  The options can range from placing them in an urn, to having them made into a coral reef.  Our funeral home can help you choose the final resting place that is meaningful to your family.

The typical choices are:

Keeping an Urn at Home

This is a common choice and families can select the perfect urn for their loved one.

Placing the Urn in a Columbarium (aka, a “niche”)

Many families find comfort in having a final resting place that they can visit.

Burying the Urn

Similar to a casket, the in-ground burial of the urn allows for a final resting place.

Scattering the Cremated Remains

Some families find comfort scattering the cremated remains in a place that was special to their loved one.